>the youtube elections

>YouTube has been upon us for some time. Now it is playing a big role (maybe?) in the current U.S. presidential elections. Combined with the real possibility for some changes in U.S. governance, not a few have been inspired to create videos for YouTube (et al). These videos range from the well produced, pro-Obama music video Yes we can to a lot of poorly produced detritus.

Below are two of the most creative pieces* I’ve seen so far.

Maybe we are entering the age of the “super-mashup”. Whatever it is I have to say I want to see more of this kind of thing. And yet, it will be interesting to know if the viral video will truly tip the scales to any one candidate. I have to say it must be a bit more scary to be in politics today because of the viral video.

*I know the clips and links in this post are all pro-Obama. I am not, however, intending to promote Obama more than he deserves.

2 thoughts on “>the youtube elections

  1. >Wow – simply amazing. Stunning pro-am video work regardless of who’s being touted. Beats any multimillion dollar commercial spot produced so far. I’ve forwarded this post to several friends including the Museum of the Moving Image – I think these videos deserve placement among their Living Room Candidate collection of historical political commercials.

  2. >I find I can watch them multiple times and I still love them. I wish I had learned history this way. Thanks for stopping by.

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