>wife/mama runs, family cheers

>I am so proud of my wife. Yesterday she ran her first ever half marathon – that’s 13.1 miles! (Yes, 13.1 miles all at one time, in a row.) Amongst all the other amazing things she accomplishes she found just enough time to train and get ready for this race.

We, that means me, Lily, Wilder, our two bikes and one bike trailer, waited at the 9+ mile mark to cheer her on. (Lily had already run her 1 mile kids race.)

At mile 9+ looking great.

We then waited at a hundred yards from the finish. When we saw her coming down the stretch Lily ran out to join her and run with her to the finish.

Lily runs to her mama.

Overall the day was a good one – long but good. I hope my wife keeps going (she wants to do some triathlons next). I am thinking of running the thing next year. We’ll see.

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