>there will be puppets

>What force is it that compels people to take found audio and create puppet interpretations of it? This is a cosmic mystery, I’m sure, but it can lead to some funny, even insightful, products. Here are three that caught my attention.

Poet Allen Ginsburg with William F. Buckley:

The infamous (but who cares) drunk David Hasselhoff video:

The Beach Boys and Mr. (passive/aggressive) Wilson:

Possibly, this puppet-interpretation thing moves along the same arc of the “making strange” function of art. That is, to create a kind of distance from the original (from the reality) to give us eyes to see the original more as it is in its essence, rather than through the common mental filters that cloud our everyday perceptions.

And then, not of puppets, but related in that same cosmic force, and rather brilliant, There Will Be Vader:

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