>a milestone


Today I have reached a milestone of sorts. I turned in my final rough draft of my thesis.

God be praised!

This thing has been a weight on my back for over a year. It has interfered with much of my life. But it is also a good thing which I chose to do. Alas. I know I will get feedback and will then have to make some changes, but I think it’s not too bad, even passable depending on how gracious my thesis committee is willing to be. Of course, helping me improve it is also gracious, as well as their job. And I still have to defend the thing, but, honestly, that’s the easy part.

But the draft is done.

As a kind of footnote: I typed the thing using the Open Office word processor called “Writer.” And I used an old laptop running a version of linux known as Ubuntu. Neither were without their quirks, but I like open source, so whatever.

Now, a beer.

6 thoughts on “>a milestone

  1. >Congratulations, Tucker. That’s a real accomplishment and something to be rpoud of. Here’s hoping the next phase in this process is relatively painless for you.

  2. >Thanks Damian. As you know the closer one gets to finishing school the harder it can get, particularly in terms of motivation, which is odd. But now that I’ve turned the thing in I feel very much that whatever it takes I’m getting it done. I hope the final push goes well.

  3. >congrats Tucker! I’m sure your entire household is breathing a little sigh of relief mixed with feelings of accomplishment…this is a big freaking deal!

  4. >Meg, yes we’re all happy and relieved. Thanks for the comments.Marianne, I hope so. I’m ready to be done with this thing.Brian, I will send out copies once I know I don’t have to make any more edits. I’ll let you know.

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