>In 1978 I was one of those stinky young Junior High boys with bad hair and ratty shoes who dreamed of being in the movies. In fact, I really wanted to be a stunt man because stunt men are cool and can claim bragging rights for doing cool things like crashing cars and falling off buildings.

In 1978 the movie Hooper was released. Hooper is about stunt men.

A friend of mine and I decided to see Hooper because it looked cool. I mentioned my viewing experience in this post. I must say that for better or for worse Hooper is seared into my consciousness and is a part of who I am today.

The film’s climax

Hooper is a Burt Reynolds film and Hooper is Burt. And Burt is a MAN. I am glad (maybe) I did not become a stunt man, but Hooper taught me how to be a certain kind of man. And I’ve been trying to put that behind me ever since.

This post fulfills my non-obligation to contribute to the Burt Reynold-A-Thon.

2 thoughts on “>Hooper

  1. >Richard Rush’s 1980 The Stuntman would later be held up as the better, more cinema-like entry into the stuntman oeuvre, but for me Hooper was always the real shit. I LOVED this film and went through a similar phase as you where I was convinced I’d be a stuntman someday.They had a frigging rocket car! Who wouldn’t fall in love with such a thing?

  2. >Alan, Thanks for stopping by. I remember seeing The Stuntman and liking it a lot, but it was also a bit esoteric for my young brain. Hooper, though, was more directly visceral and fun, not so dark. For some young guy who wants to be a stuntman Hooper offered the better pay-off. And yes, rocket cars rule!

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