>more snow


3 videos from Michael Snow . . .

Four and a half minutes of Back and Forth (1969):

Almost ten minutes from La Région Centrale (1971):

The entire Wavelength (1967):http://video.google.com/googleplayer.swf?docId=-3009876496807585942&hl=en

With Wavelength one of the starting ideas was to be able to see a zoom, to experience a zoom from a kind of analytical “inside a zoom” position, and it seemed to me that could not be fast. I thought it would be interesting to have it big enough so that it is monumental, that is weight in a way, and so it ended up being 45 minutes, but it could have been 15 minutes.

Snow on location for La Région Centrale

P.S. We are back to 36 degrees and rain. Snow is disappearing.

2 thoughts on “>more snow

  1. >Tucker, thanks for posting these.His quote about Wavelength being possibly 15 mins long rather than 45 mins reminds me that 2 years ago, at the Whitney Biennial, I saw a 15-min version he put together ironically titled “Wavelength for People Who Don’t Have The Time”. It cuts up the original film into thirds and superimposes them.Snow was in town last fall, and I had the chance to spend about an hour with him before the screening. I went armed with a set of questions I intended to ask him about his works, but when I got there, I wound up asking him none of them. We just traded personal stories and bemoaned the demands of our electronic age (after I complained about all the email-time I expend on my 100 students, he told me that he actually had a part-time employee who did nothing but answer his email). He said that daily life in Toronto (where he lives) was so all-consuming (he’s still very active as an artist and just got hired by Donald Trump to do the art for the new Trump Tower coming up in downtown Toronto) that often, the only time he finds to think of new ideas is when he’s on a plane heading somewhere.Such an intelligent, kind, thoughtful man. I’d love to be half as active in my late 70s.

  2. >Girish, thanks for your comments. That’s amazing you got to spend some time with Snow. My limited research has shown me he is much broader and more prolific artist than just his older films would suggest. I too hope to be that active when I am older. It does not surprise me that he is kind and thoughtful. These film clips both show a depth of thought on his part, and an invitation to thoughtfulness for the viewer. Thanks for stopping by.

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