>summer day


down below the canopy
queuing like 405 traffic
silver backs undulate
bank to bank

buoyed by
desperate instincts
thrash and wheel
in heavy currents

picture book glory
ephemeral beauty
more eternal
with each frantic arc
and we breathed it deep

we came from above
through tall grasses
along the Russian’s
tumbling beauty

and now
standing in soft gravel
gripping poles
like sacred staffs
we enter in


3 thoughts on “>summer day

  1. >Hi Tucker,I must apologize for leaving a rather unrelated comment on your wonderful summer poem, but I couldn’t find an email address on your blog, hence had to resort to posting this comment.I came across your blog through a link on a review of my filmhttp://filmyear.typepad.com/blog/2007/09/the-wind-blows-.html(The contemplative cinema link takes me to the unspoken cinema blogathon and I saw a couple of posts in that blogathon by you.I’m an independent filmmaker based in Portland and recently completed my feature film “The Wind Blows Where It Will”:http://www.windblowswhereitwill.comI was wondering if you would be interested in reviewing my film on your blog, given that you’ve blogged about contemplative cinema. (Not to sound pretentious by self-labeling my film as ‘contemplative cinema’ but I thought maybe you might be interested in looking at it, given your past posts…)I can be reached at kunal.phx@gmail.comThanks so much!Kunal.

  2. >Shahn, thanks for stopping by. The image was actually made with a 1950s twin-lense medium format Rollieflex, using Ilford Pan-F ISO 50 b&w negative, and then enlarged in my bathroom with an ancient enlarger about ten years ago. The picture is of some trees out my car window as I was driving by. I made a number of similar images for a gallery show back then.

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