>a little video

>A couple of years ago, maybe three, I won a very low-end Sony Handycam as part of a sales contest at work. For the most part the camera has remained on the shelf. Recently I figured out how to hook it up to my computer and dump the video onto it so I can edit the footage. Being cheap (I’m already starting with a free camera), I was excited to discover that Windows XP comes with the editing software Windows Movie Maker, also free. So I started having dreams of using this extremely low-end system to create important and powerful videos.

The reality is that we finally grabbed the camera as a last minute idea for our family hike up a local hill (Spencer’s Butte) on Labor Day. So what we ended up with was an unplanned collection of little snippets of video (some shots by me, others by Lily), and a lot “oops I left the camera recording” shots of the ground. It is also difficult to come up with great spontaneous video ideas when you’re out of breath. I was, however, able to pull out a few clips and string them together to see how the software works, which, by the way, is very limited (bordering on crapola – but free, remember). I’m going to need to look into locating a better editing system.

So here’s a little 2 minute “salvage” video of Lily and her dog, Aloysius Bonaventure, hiking up Spencer’s Butte. If you’re curious, I have used the Windows Movie Maker “Film Age, Old” effect to give the video a home movie kind of look.


Next I want to plan something with Lily and shoot it/edit it according to the plan, and have her participate with all phases of the production. That way she might come to understand just a little better that movies are MADE things, and she can make them herself.

5 thoughts on “>a little video

  1. >Ah, Spencer’s Butte. May I hike there again one day myself. As I recall, I’ve got some actual Super 8 footage of myself and my best friend hiking that very hill. Nice glimpse, Tucker.

  2. >Dennis, I hadn’t beent there for several years. I forgot how wonderful it is, esp on such a nice day. I used to live near it years ago and climb it often.

  3. >Thanks for sharing, Tucker. I like the little glimpses of Lily growing up that you and Maricel share, though it both lessens and lengthens the miles.

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