Today we watched our first ever cyclocross race. Here are a few snaps of the fun:

The start
Into a headwind on the back stretch
Up and down, over the road
The stairs
Again, headwind on the back stretch
Over the barriers

The race took place at Camp Harlow and is part of the OBRA cyclocross racing season.

I am now thinking of training for cyclocross in the future. The event looked fun, is rather low-key, and is open to all levels. It reminded me of a 10k road run where some come to win and most come for their personal goals and the challenge. Unlike the tense and high-strung world of road racing, cyclocross is more like a family affair with some very serious competitors, but most just having a lot of fun.

2 thoughts on “cyclocross

  1. It’s a great goal to set for yourself. But I think the safe choice is to make sure you’re properly prepared and equipped, too.

    Best get a new bike.

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