>Robert Bresson: Four Nights of a Dreamer

>The video below is Four Nights of a Dreamer (1971) by Robert Bresson. It has never been released on DVD or VHS. This is a beautiful, simple film. It is based on Dostoevsky’s short story, White Nights. Bresson’s previous film was Mouchette (1967). He was seventy years old when he made this film, which I find interesting, given the story is, in part, about young love and is told so tenderly.


I love the moment when, while at the movie premiere, the daughter leans over to her mother and says, “We have fallen into a trap.” I am not yet sure if this film is as strong as Bresson’s best works, I tend to think no, but it might be, and I did find it compelling. There are stylistic moments that feel very much like Pickpocket (1959), but in many ways this film reminds me of Eric Rohmer’s work.

Why there is still a Bresson film unreleased on DVD leaves me non-plussed. I have notified the authorities.

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