>A conversation with Fritz Lang

>William Friedkin interviewed Fritz Lang in 1975 (according to the closing credits of the video below*). Lang died in 1976. This is a wide ranging, reminiscing kind of interview. Lang was an interesting guy. Sometimes I think the last person one should talk to regarding works of art is the artist; as Lang himself says in the end of the interview a film should speak for itself. On the other hand, as I encounter works of art that I love I can’t help but wonder at who the artist is or was, not merely as an artist, but as a person. I am interested in the artist’s character. I believe character is far more important than any specific ways of thinking artistically, though I also believe they are linked. I am curious what this interview says/shows of Lang’s character. Do we think about character all that much these days?

The opening titles misspell Friedkin’s name, but oh well.

* Maybe the interview was in 1974, like the Vimeo title says. “VOSTFR” stands for “Version Originale – Sous-Titre Français,” which is French for “Original Version – French Sub Titles.”

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