groceries by bike, or how biking makes the ordinary better

Last weekend we decided to do some grocery shopping via the bike path. We loaded the two little kids in the trailer and set out on our 9.2 mile round trip to Trader Joe’s. It was fun and a healthy way to do some shopping.

On the Ruth Bascom bike path.

Over the Owosso bike bridge.

Out front at Trader Joe’s.
Checking out. The trailer is the shopping cart.
The littles ready to go.

Meeting friends at the park.
It was one of those times when the weather is perfect, the ride is great, and when we got there we ran into friends. We have decided that we will try to do more family bike trips, even during winter if it is not torrential rain or icy (remember to old Scandinavian adage: there is no such thing as bad weather, only the wrong clothes). Going by car is just less adventurous. One additional benefit: When grocery shopping by bike one is less likely to buy lots of stuff one does not need.
This past week, though, I had no chance to bike. I was in long, all day, data & business intelligence workshops for my job and I just could not fit biking in, whether for the commute or just working out. So yesterday I came home a little early and rode across town to meet up with the family (they had biked to a friend’s home) and rode home with them. That was the perfect end to my work week.

I have to say that every ride includes some crazy motorist choices, like the guy with his large pickup and trailer who decided to turn into his driveway immediately across my path forcing me to hit my brakes or hit him. I could tell it was one of those situations where a driver thinks he is going so much faster than the cyclist that he can zoom right past, but not realizing the cyclist’s speed or the fact that a small misjudgment on his part could end tragically. It may also have been a situation where a motorist just does not think (maybe subconsciously) that a cyclist is a legitimate user of the road and, therefore, does not require the same courteous consideration as motorists. Ah, biking. Ride defensively.

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