>2009 NCAA Cross Country Western Regionals

>Back in November we decided to watch the NCAA Cross Country Western Regionals which took place at the Springfield Country Club just outside of Springfield, Oregon. I look for opportunities to get my kids face-to-face with these kinds of events – plus I love them myself. I brought along my wife’s Flip camera to try it out.

You will see Oregon’s newcomer, Jordan Hasay, getting second place in the women’s race. I predict big things for her at Oregon – of course, so do a lot of other people.

You can see it in HD. Once it starts playing find the “360p” at the bottom of the video and chose “720p” instead.

I would have posted this video months ago but Windows Movie Maker, which allowed me to edit the thing just fine, did not allow me to publish it because of a file type (.AVI) conflict. Finally I found Windows Live Movie Maker which can handle the file type. However, my titles and edits did not import exactly perfect and I don’t want to take the time to fix them. So it’s not perfect, but it never was anyway.

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