>Belated birthday: PilgrimAkimbo turned three!


December 11th 2006 was the birth of PilgrimAkimbo.

Like me this blog has changed over the past three years. I began PilgrimAkimbo to write about films and to connect with other cinephiles. As the years have gone by some film blogs I followed shut down, others have slowed their posting to a crawl, and me, I have shifted to more personal, more political, more social, more theological postings, and less about film. I find myself commenting less on other blogs and I get fewer comments on this blog. It would not surprise me that receiving fewer comments at PilgrimAkimbo is due to the kinds of posting I tend toward these days, but I have also seen a waning in the blogoshpere. I think the enthusiasm that once charged blogging has subsided somewhat. Tell me if I am wrong, or what you are observing.

I question constantly why I have this blog, if I want to continue or cease altogether, or if I want to make any big change in direction. I have desires for many posts, but I find my energies often lacking. I want to write more about film and art, but that takes effort, and my current computer has a hard time producing good screen grabs. On the other hand I have less of a sense of obligation to “my readers” as I once felt. PilgrimAkimbo is just what it is and I try not to have any pretensions about it. Let me know what you think – and if you blog, how that is going for you.

Mr. Chaplin nears the end of his celebration of PilgrimAkimbo with the last bite of cake. Sadly we had a lot of cake left over.

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