>a day of celebration

>Today is a day of celebration for me and my little family. I celebrate my beautiful wife’s LIFE. On this day one year ago she was struck by an SUV while walking on the sidewalk near our home. I wrote about it then. From that moment on our lives (and especially her’s) have not been the same. Weeks in the hospital, then hospital bed at home, then months of physical therapy, continuing pains, and all the rest of life (wife, mother, homeschool teacher, and pregnant again) have been her existence. For the rest of our lives November 17th will continue to bring back the memories of near tragedy and great pain. But this day is also a day of great thanks. I am so thankful that Maricel is still with us and thriving. I am so blessed to have her as my wife, and our daughters are so blessed to have her as their mother. That she is with us, that our family is whole and growing, makes this season that much more joyful.

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