>some favorite sites

>My sidebar keeps growing. I want to reduce the number of links, but I just can’t. So here are a few I like the most.

Recently I discovered Bike Snob NYC. This has got to be one of the funniest blogs I have come across – a little ‘off color’ (whatever that means) but at least I laugh and that’s what matters.

For those of you who like to jerry-rig broken things or laugh at those who do, I highly recommend There, I Fixed It. This blog is a testament to the incredible variety of human creativity when it is combined with idiocy.

Ever wonder why you feel a little at odds with the ‘exciting’ world of retail marketing? Well, you should check out Retail Anarchy. I find myself slightly aghast at what we have come to accept as ordinary: horrible products and horrible marketing ideas.

Somewhere between There, I Fixed It and Retail Anarchy is Item Not As Described. I guess one could say this is a kind of salute to Craig’s list, only not a salute.

If there is any blog where you can spend most of your life laughing, cringing, (once again) and aghast it’s at the Fail Blog. This is truly one of the best blogs in the universe of bloginess.

I’ll be back some other time with more links, but these will suffice for now.

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