>Badwater (yikes! cool!)

>I have always had a fascination with endurance sports – from the sidelines that is. One of the gnarliest is the Badwater Ultramarathon. The race consists of running 135 miles through Death Valley in the middle of July – which means this year’s race just finished a few days ago. This year’s men’s winner did it in 22:51:29. The women’s winner came in at 26:51:33. But of course, anyone who finishes is a winner in this kind of race. Heck, even just giving it a serious go counts as a win in my book.

Here is the post-race interview with the women’s winner:

I wish I looked that good after running three miles.

Here is a look at the race:

Notice how they all start with lots of enthusiasm and then some start looking a bit ragged. I doubt I would ever be able to run even half that distance, even with years of training, but I wish I could.

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