>tinkering & puttering with chess & computers

>I have been tinkering a bit with the computer chess game pychess Philidor 0.8.1, which runs on Linux (I’m running Ubuntu). I then tried loading in some chess engines (Fruit 2.1, Glaurung 2.0.1, etc.). I can’t say that I have achieved actually loading the chess engines. The game might still be using the built in engine from pychess. Anyway, I tried a quick game at the beginner level. Then I saved the game as a PGN file. And then I searched for a PGN viewer (I chose Chessflash for now) that would allow me to upload it as HTML to this blog. My results are below.

As you can see the beginner level is hopelessly terrible as an opponent. But that might be the pychess engine, so I have to figure that out.* And I don’t exactly like the Chessflash graphics, but it’s free. Anyway, puttering around with both chess and computers is kinda fun at times.

* Figured it out. I was still using the pychess engine. When I try the Fruit 2.1 engine at beginner level it suddenly starts playing like it’s trying to win.

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