>anti-war songs

>The 1960s (which really ran from about 1956 to 1974) produced some of the greatest anti-war songs. For example follow this link and look under Vietnam War. During the 1960s music played a huge part in how people thought and felt about the Vietnam War, war in general, and violence around the world. Today there is a War on Terror (whatever that means) and there is music being produced in response as well – follow that same link and look under 9/11, War on Terror, and Iraq. But, and tell me if I am wrong, the anti-war music of today is not yet anywhere near the cultural impact as during that famous previous era. Of course, neither is the anti-war movement itself.

Here are some ‘under the radar’ recent anti-war songs:

I have to say none of these songs do it for me. The first two are nice soul searching and sad, but so what? I want anti-war songs that shake it up, move me to action, rally the protesters, and most especially, songs that people can sing along to. The third song is a critique of U.S. foreign policy. Although I agree with some of the sentiments in that song, again it just doesn’t work. It doesn’t say anything new and the video is mostly distracting.

Maybe what needs to happen first is a stronger groundswell of anti-war sentiment. We need more protests, more action, more visible activity on the whole if we want songs that can rally us. And it should not have to be the old-timers from the sixties that lead the charge.

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