>Capitalism Hits the Fan

>Professor Rick Wolff is a passionate and animated lecturer. He is also a Socialist. With all the discussion these days about the supposed Socialist solution proposed by the Bush/Obama power brokers, it might be worth understanding what an actual Socialist perspective is all about. (This video was recorded before Obama was sworn in as president.) I have to say Wolff’s analysis is, at least, fascinating and worth thinking about. Truth is, Karl Marx’s understanding of Capitalism is a powerful critique and possibly more important than ever.


As with most Socialist/Communist proposed “solutions” to things like economic crises, labor issues, government regulations, market fluctuations, and the like, I am not sure where I stand. I am not yet a Socialist, but can’t say I’m a Capitalist either. Wolff’s conclusions in this video also seem somewhat simplistic to me, but that might be because he had limited time to speak. My guess is that given more time he could give much more detail and answer objections.

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