>bird feeder

>We have a bird feeder in our front yard. Two weekends ago we finished putting in three raised garden beds. Last weekend we bought some plants to put in the beds, and we picked up a bird feeder as well. Since last weekend I have kept my eye on the feeder looking for birds. I was getting discouraged that no birds seemed to find our feeder alluring. Today was the first day I saw birds at the feeder. I had to call my wife and let her know.

Consequently I made my first ever bird identification. What I mean is I used my Peterson Field Guide to determine one of the birds that I didn’t know. That bird is the Dark-Eyed Junco, or more specifically the Oregon Junco – Junco hyemalis oreganus.

A few years ago, maybe 15 or so, I thought I might do some bird watching. I bought the Peterson Field Guide. I went on a few walks with binoculars around my neck. But birdwatching didn’t pan out. Finally, today the guide came through. There were at least three other birds I saw that I still have to identify, but one is fine for now.

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