>yes they CAN


Where has CAN been all my life? I love experimental rock/fusion. You know, that kind of music that you can mind-meld into while it drives everyone else crazy? On a whim I picked up four of their disks at the library today and then subjected my family to several tracks while driving home. At one point I stopped the music and my littlest yelled out “more music!” That’s my girl. My wife said it was “interesting.”

CAN was the quintessential krautrock group and a seminal band of the experimental rock genre. Their past works continue to garner critical praise. They never gained huge monetary success, but have become one of the most influential bands in history. But I never knew who they were until now.

Here are a few videos of the band doing its cool thing:

Mother Sky, 1970:

Paperhouse, performed live for German TV in 1972:

Bring Me Coffee or Tea, 1972:

Halleluwah, 1972:

Sing Swan Song, 1973 in Paris:

from a 1971 documentary:

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