>radical is root: emergent once again

>Peter Rollins and Phyllis Tickle are two luminaries in what is being called The Great Emergence. That term, The Great Emergence, comes from Tickle’s book of the same name. That slim book may very well be destined to become a key work in the present and future history or Christianity. I am not yet convinced she is entirely right, but she is interesting and passionate. Rollins, another passionate “emergent”, has written a book called How (Not) to Speak of God which is also a key work of the present and future church.

Here are the two discussing several topics of present day Christianity:

I have to say I like these two a lot. I am still sorting out my thoughts on the whole emergent thing. I am in the process of reading their books as well. Sometimes I feel that I am in the middle of a personal revolution of sorts. Their thinking is helping raise questions that are acting like catalysts to my journey.

Note: I first came across these clips at the Emergent Village site.

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