>Hey we’re voting!

>Below are amateur videos of people going to vote today, and I find them both fascinating and inspiring. I used to stand in such lines before Oregon went to an all mail-in voting system. My wife and I voted on Sunday and dropped off our ballots yesterday. Our daughter Lily watched us vote (she asked us to make sure she didn’t miss the process) and then she put the ballots in the drop box for us.

I get a bit emotional seeing these lines. In many places voting is a real chore today. Some people are standing in lines for hours. In some places there are problems with machines, registrations, and even locations being moved at the last minute. Knowing that most people are toughing it out and getting their votes in regardless of rain or long lines or general wrestling with the system makes me proud to be a citizen and participate. In fact it’s a real honor. The next step is to continue to live out the commitments we make on the ballot by living lives of genuine citizenship.

Video the Vote report from Brooklyn:

Students in Pittsburgh voting:

Long lines in Virginia:

Super long lines in Maryland:

If you haven’t voted, GO VOTE! It’s a good thing.

3 thoughts on “>Hey we’re voting!

  1. >I agree. When I see the lines at the polls I kinda miss feeling part of an event, but I’ll trade that feeling for an overall much better experience. Voting in your living room, at your leisure, is so much better.

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