>What some voters believe (and the Penguin)

>I love elections, and I can’t stand them. Elections bring out the best and worst in us. They also stir the pot, which often brings to the surface what isn’t that far below.

I know there are people who don’t believe Obama’s confession of faith is genuine and that McCain’s is. Personally I have the opposite perspective. This does not mean I agree with everything Obama says or promotes, but then I have many disagreements with lots of people who call themselves Christians. C’est la vie. What I am surprised by, however, is the obviously outrageous beliefs about Obama that people hold in all sincerity. I guess that’s just life too. Regardless, I was struck by this news clip:

Elections teach us a lot about ourselves and our neighbors.

And then there’s the debates, which I enjoy. I doubt the debates really have much affect on which way people vote. Of course, what we have seen in the recent debates (and campaign speeches) is not unprecedented. I wonder which team has taken its cues from the Penguin:


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