>How do you calculate the cost of a war?

>The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are expensive. In terms of human life the cost is incalculable. In other words, when it comes to calculating costs based on the sacredness of human life, we cannot truly make that calculation. But what about the dollars?

If anything has hidden costs it is war.

What really are dollars and where do they come from? Is not a dollar an abstract representation of life energy? We work, we spend our time (time away from family and friends and things we would rather be doing), we sacrifice, we use our creativity, we keep our promises, and we suffer for a dollar. We obtain a dollar as an exchange for our life energy. So when we think about a 3 trillion dollar war we are actually thinking about 3 trillion units of life energy. Who’s life energy? Yours, mine, the kid’s – though they don’t know it yet.

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