The leaves are beginning to change around here. So is my blogging. Gradually I am changing PilgrimAkimbo too. The changes are not specific or planned, and they are slow going. This little blog has been a creative outlet for me, and has had a positive affect on me. PilgrimAkimbo began mostly as a cinema-centered blog, with the occasional personal post. But cinema has ceased to be its primary focus. For some time my other interests have been creeping in more and more. I have even wondered if I should create a new blog, but have decided against it. My conundrum has to do with just how much should my blogging be personal, even journal-like, rather than mostly at arms length as it were. Either way expect changes.

*painting by Piet Mondrian, Gray Tree (1911)

2 thoughts on “>changes

  1. >when I read the title of your post I heard it in my head in David Bowie’s voice singing…”Ch ch ch ch ch changes…”anyway, I look forward to following along whatever direction you go…

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