>Christ for President (so say the troubadours)

Woody Guthrie being himself

Now that we’ve barely survived two major party national conventions, heard more than enough speeches to gag, soaked up heaps of blather, waded through veritable swamps of pontification, are reeling from more Wall Street and White House crap, and are wondering who really has got the answers and/or the wherewithal to affect change, I seem to remember a song with lyrics by Woody Guthrie and music/performance by Wilco.

Let’s have Christ our President
Let us have him for our king
Cast your vote for the Carpenter
That they call the Nazarene

The only way
We could ever beat
These crooked politician men

Is to cast the moneychangers
Out of the temple
Put the Carpenter in

Oh it’s Jesus Christ our President
God above our king
With a job and pension for young and old
We will make hallelujah ring

Every year we waste enough
To feed the ones who starve
We build our civilization up
And we shoot it down with wars

But with the Carpenter
On the seat
Way up in the capitol town

Be on the way
Prosperity bound

Wilco somewhere

A different time, a different era, but all the same.

4 thoughts on “>Christ for President (so say the troubadours)

  1. >Likewise, Tucker, I always enjoy reading what you have to share. Would it tarnish my FBI file to write in Jesus?This is the second time I am coming back for the third party link. I have been debating not voting at all, or voting third party if I do…and I am nearly pushed over the edge for voting third party due to this link re-opening the issue.

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