>fast bikes

>The fastest I ever went on a bicycle was 56.5 miles per hour (according to my bike computer). That was going down a long, steep hill racing some friends. That was also on a road bike back in the day when almost nobody wore helmets. If you’ve got a ten dollar head buy a ten dollar helmet; if you’re 20 years old you don’t need a helmet, you’re invincible.

What is it about us humans that we like to see how fast we can go piloting some vehicle? I know the thrill and the challenge is a big part of it. Maybe foolishness is also a fundamental element of the Universe. I wrecked a motorcycle once at 80+ mile per hour. We measured the distance from where my motorcycle and me left the ground to where we came to a stop. It was about a 100 feet. I’m lucky I only broke my foot and got a few bruises.

Recently some cyclists have sought to set the all-time speed record for mountain bikes. I can’t say that either of them are very smart, but one comes away better than the other.


Well, I guess that’s all for now.

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