>biking to work

>Two weeks ago I started biking to work. It makes sense given gas prices, but my main reason is to make concrete choices to get healthier. I want to be a more active person, do more outdoor activities, play with my kids, live longer, and have more energy. Biking to work seemed to be a good place to start.

The trip takes about 30 minutes. So I get an hour of cardio workout each day. I have to say that I do feel better. I can tell that the riding is helping. I also have to say that a big extra for me is just getting outside. I work in an office all day. Riding my bike puts my face into the wind. I see the morning arrive, I see the city wake up, I feel closer to nature which is good for the soul.

Also, I do like sticking it to the gas companies. I just know they began trembling in their oil-soaked boots as soon as I began riding my bike. Can’t you hear their gnashing of teeth?

My goal is to become a long-term bike commuter. I want biking to become a normal, everyday part of my life year-round. I don’t see gas prices ever going back to where they were, and maybe they shouldn’t. Where prices are now is probably closer to what they actually should be. Regardless, biking doesn’t require gas, nor does it produce carbon dioxide.

If there is a downside it’s that I need to get to work by 6:00 AM. But that’s not really so bad. I’m used to it, and I get done with work by 3:00 PM. Of course I do get sleepy around 8:00 PM.

I took the picture above yesterday. I would like to believe every end is also a beginning, but I think that bike really has met its end.

3 thoughts on “>biking to work

  1. >It’s interesting to me how much more I take in–how much more I see, how big the world is, how I engage with my environment–when cycling. Driving insulates me and provides me with all manner of comforts and amusements like the A/C and music (not that either of those are bad!), but cycling on the paths engages me with other folks, from simply calling out “passing” or exchanging a smile and nod to someone else who’s “gone acoustic.”Keep it up, Tuck’. I’ve biked to work since the snow finally melted in April, and now I’m seeing and feeling some real benefits. Besides losing 5 pounds, I’m better-breathed and feel more alert and engaged. And I’ve saved about $50 in gas expenses thus far this year.Though I’ve spent more than that on cycling gear….

  2. >Brian, I agree. At one point in my ride I cross the Willamette river and I slow down and take in the view. I just can’t get that in the car. And to the degree that nature is an expression of who God is, then being closer to nature is a good thing. Maybe that’s why I feel more alive riding than driving. Getting out of the car is great. Of course others can see me talking to myself more easily.That bokoobike site is great. I like the little bike. I want to get one for Wilder. I will try out the calculator.

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