Fortunately I had already left the building before the fun began. A couple days ago someone at my work received a letter that was intended as a threat (or maybe a joke, but if so, it was a dumb joke). Apparently the letter claimed to contain anthrax. It turned out to be granulated sugar, but until that was confirmed the situation was taken very seriously. The building was locked down. About 800+ employees still in the building had to remain until 8:00 PM. The local hazmat team (pictured above – taken by a co-worker) arrived and did their thing. The FBI showed up too, as well as police. The whole thing was on the local news. No one yet knows who sent the letter or why.

Advice: Leave work before the mail is delivered.

2 thoughts on “>hazmat

  1. >ho. I’m laughing at your last comment, and then I think about the whole mess and it isn’t funny at all, it’s super annoying and sad for those families affected, but oh man, it is funny.

  2. >yes Meg, it was a big pain for everyone stuck here, and their families. But it was surreal as well. Like most funny things there is some related suffering. Fortunately I wasn’t here, therefore I can laugh more easily.

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