>where the sales people are

>Today was a travel day, mostly. I’ve been on the go now for 16 hours. The goal: get to Vegas for my company’s World Wide Sales Conference. Just in case you’re wondering, that’s 5,400 sales people all in one place, and yes it’s insane.

I had to get to the airport at 5:00 AM. The lines were crazier than I had ever seen. Then, after sitting in a United Airlines plane for an extra couple hours because of a malfunction that kept us from taking off, I missed my connecting flight (Virgin Air) in San Francisco. [Note: a Horizon Air mechanic actually fixed the plane. Someone commented that it might be in his interest to not fix a competitor’s plane perfectly. Nervous laughter.] San Francisco was a mob as usual. Fortunately Virgin Air had a later flight from SF to Vegas.

I have to say that the difference between United and Virgin is the difference between darkness and light. I love Virgin Air. New planes, nicer people, hipper styling, giving everyone on the plane a gift, etc. Too much to go into now, but I recommend them if you have the chance.

Also, it was no fun arriving three hours late to the hotel only to find they did not have the room ready. Finally I got a call on my cell from the front desk telling me the room was now ready – at 7:30PM!! Fortunately the rooms at The Palazzo are posh.

Somewhere East of San Francisco

The cool/funky interior of Virgin’s plane.

The first General Session of the sales conference. 5,400 people, rock music, gigantic video screens, and the superstar CEO. It’s quite a show.

Looking out my hotel window.

Finally, I used to think that a cell phone was the coolest thing, then I thought a cell phone with a camera was the coolest thing, now I am generally appalled at the poor quality of my phone’s pictures. What is the world coming to? What have I become?

One thought on “>where the sales people are

  1. >I also forgot to say I felt really the hipster while on Virgin. While flying in the sleek and modern aircraft I was listening to In Rainbows by Radiohead, reading The Ruins by Scott Smith, watching the flight’s progress on the touchscreen video, and drinking a cup (bigger cup than United’s) of black coffee. Now if it just wasn’t a sales conference I was flying too…

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