>the Marios go to church

>Okay, this is just too perfect.

I suppose church organists sometimes have a bit of leeway in what they choose to play during a church service, especially at the very end. Here is a young church organist playing the theme song from Super Mario Brothers at the end of a service.* You can actually hear the final payer being said before he plays. (I am taking this at face value that it is for real.)

And he gets applause!

*Note: For those of you unfamiliar with typical Christian church services, the Super Mario Brothers theme song is not really considered a hymn for solemn worship.

4 thoughts on “>the Marios go to church

  1. >One of the things that has always struck me about the theme from the Super Mario Bros. video game is how amazingly catchy and eminently hummable it is (I find myself whistling it right now after having watched that clip). Most video games have some sort of bacvkground music while you play it and nowadays they actually release soundtracks of video game music just like they have soundtracks of motion picture scores. In fact, video game music has become increasingly melodic and sophisticated utilising even orchestral instruments along with synthesizer sounds.And yet, the Mario Bros. theme was composed at a time when only electronic music could be used for video games and it has still proved eminently memorable, more so than any other video game music (with the possible expcetion of SpyHunter and that’s simply because they used Henry Mancini’s “Peter Gunn” theme). Whoever wrote it definitely earned their paycheck.

  2. >Damian, I agree. Even though I rarely played Super Mario Bros. I can’t help but remember its music. It’s like the sound effects for PacMan.

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