>vintage Glass Harp

>My last post was about the passing of musician Larry Norman. That post got me thinking about my interest in Christian music back in the 1970s. Back then the pickings were rather slim. But there were a few individuals and bands that stood out. One of those individuals was guitarist Phil Keaggy

There is a story (myth?) about Phil Keaggy that goes something like this: Jimmy Hendrix was asked once how it felt to be the world’s greatest guitar player. Hendrix is reported to have replied, “I don’t know, why don’t you go ask Phil Keaggy?” If that is true (it’s probably urban legend) it would have occurred when Keaggy played for the band Glass Harp. Regardless, Keaggy has had a long reputation as one of the best, if not as well known, guitarists in the world.

Glass Harp was not a “Christian” band (whatever that is), and eventually Keaggy left the band to pursue music in the, then new, contemporary Christian music scene. Remarkably, here is a rare clip of Glass Harp (from a once lost 1972 PBS broadcast?) with Keaggy on lead guitar:

One reason I post this is that in the late 1970s and early 1980s my friends and I used to talk about Glass Harp as though it was some golden chalice. We had never heard Glass Harp and we could not get hold of any ablums. We only had stories and rumors. Glass Harp was this great mystery we imagined. Now, to my surprise and pleasure, I find Glass harp on YouTube!

Phil Keaggy is still jamming. And now, again, is Glass Harp with Keaggy.

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