>wee D. Lynch bits

There is a lot of David Lynch on the Internets. Here are some clips I found interesting.

D. Lynch does not want New Yorkers to litter:

D. Lynch used an original Lumière brothers’ camera (that’s the story) to make this short:

D. Lynch sells cigarettes:

D. Lynch almost says billion years, but says trillion years instead (pardon the language):

I don’t know if I am a fan of David Lynch, but I think he is a genius of sorts. Every time I see one of his films I feel as though there is no one else on the planet making films like his. And typically his films are truly stunning as mind-bending artifacts of his transcendental meditation activities. On the other hand, each time I see one of his films I feel as though I have not really seen anything of consequence, almost as though I have wasted my time a little bit (but not entirely). I think that is because I can never really answer the question, “what’s the point?”

I am a spiritual person. I am because I cannot help but be spiritual, and I also choose to be. I know that David Lynch is into transcendental meditation. I think that is fine of course, to each his own, and yet I can’t help myself but see transcendental meditation as a kind of low-orbit spirituality. It may be a great tool for creativity and stress reduction and other things, but I don’t see it going deep enough or high enough. Maybe that is why I find Lynch’s work so creative on the one hand, and finally so shallow on the other. Still, in our age of so much hyped mediocrity, Lynch’s work, love it or hate it, is a kind of gauntlet thrown down before the pretenders who populate much of the art world.

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