>teaching my daughter chess (and learning from Karpov)

>I am teaching my daughter how to play chess. She is seven and seems to love the game so far, but I can’t claim to be a good teacher. Chess is a great learning tool on many levels, including for me learning how to teach.

As I study the game I am learning about the great players (but not yet understanding their games in detail). One of those great players is former world champion Anatoly Karpov.

Here Karpov plays against a young chess player and, because Karpov is a good natured person, he gives her some chess tips along the way.

For some reason I love this little home video showing the kindness of the grand master. It reminds me to be kind in my teaching of my daughter. I also wish my daughter could be so lucky to play such a notable player as Karpov. Maybe someday.

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