>gone skiing

>On Tuesday I took my daughter downhill skiing for her first time. I grew up skiing and spent many years as an avid skier. But I have not been for years and my daughter had never been, so I figured it was about time to go.

She did great! If we can afford it I see her doing a lot of skiing in the future

Lily the skier

The skiing was excellent. It snowed the night before, stayed cold during the day, and we had some sun at times. Plus, Tuesdays are great days to go because prices are cheaper and there are no lift lines.

I think it has been around 20 years since I skied last. I was surprised by how I was able to pick it back up without any problems. But, boy am I out of shape! My legs were burning when tried to ski some of the harder runs.

As we left the ski area we had a beautiful view of this Cascade peak glowing in the sunset.

Three Fingered Jack, late afternoon

3 thoughts on “>gone skiing

  1. >this is so amazing! can’t wait to hear some more details, I’m sure lily will have a lot of things to tell me too.glad you guys had fun.

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