I was just looking at last year’s resolutions and I have to say that I mostly failed.

I won’t call myself a failure, for life is too complex for that, but I will say that I am a bit surprised by how little I did from my list. So now we are at the beginning of another year and I want to sweep out the cobwebs and get moving.

Here are a few of the things (not in any particular order) that I am thinking about now and want to accomplish in 2008:

  • Graduate
  • Spend more time with my kids
  • Write several short stories
  • Brew my own beer
  • Run a half-marathon
  • Run a marathon
  • Finish remodeling the house
  • Sell the house and upgrade
  • Get a better job
  • Watch more movies
  • Get outside more
  • Skate, as in get a skateboard and skate with my daughter
  • Downhill ski again
  • Make an album (music)
  • Blog makeover
  • Ride another century bike race/ride
  • Get finances in order
  • Take the family on a good vacation
  • Finish reading books I start

I don’t really know if making a list means all that much. What I need to do is turn these goals into plans and stick to the plans. Just having the list, though, allows for more introspection and evaluation. It helps to put things into perspective.

I am using the website 43 Things to keep track of my goals.

[The picture above is of my daughter on a walk we took in the fall.]

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