>do not turn away

>Do not turn away
Even though you have the chance
Do not take your leave
For there is really nothing to take
Only to lose or to gain

Do not break in two
Or fall apart or become as stone
Or let the fire destroy
Or let the fire go out

Do not go quietly
But you can go humbly
And know that humility
Is an ache deeper than the ocean
And a challenge like the challenge to love

Do not forget why you are here
Or where you are going
Especially where you are going
For that is the voice that calls to you
And shapes you
And makes you

And do not call out
Unless you want what you ask for
But do not keep quiet
Because even a shrug
Can speak of infinity

And never forget your first love
Or your heart’s desire
Or your deepest lament
Or your darkest night
Or the promise you were given
Of the life you were wanting
Because you had eyes to see
And you still do

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