>a particularly important day in my life

>On this day…




The lists above (blatantly copied from the November 10th page on Wikepedia) are just a few of the events and names that caught my eye.

Why, you ask, do I care so much about November 10th? Aha! I say. Happy Birthday to Me!

9 thoughts on “>a particularly important day in my life

  1. >i actually came specifically to say happy birthday to you and low and behold, you demand it in a blog entry! I love it! Happy Bday. hope you had a good one.

  2. >Girish, thanks. Oh yes, I had plenty of sugar, carbs, fat, etc. It should have been low carb!Shahn, thanks for the “happy birthday.”Brian, thanks and yes, now I’m going to start changing the world, or maybe I’ll begin next year.Meg, yes it was a good birthday. Thanks. And I’m not exactly demanding it, just making it that much easier for every you to wish me one.

  3. >While we’re on the subject of significant days, I can tell you what was a significant day in my life, Tuck: the day I met you. I still remember it pretty clearly. David Snyder introduced us after the first MSC Friend’s Night. I talked to you for a while about movies but didn’t see you again until David and Jeany’s wedding (which I believe you were photographing, but I’m not sure) and you told me about your upcoming film class which I was excited about attending. Of course, I didn’t really get to know you until I moved into the Study Center, but I’m so glad I got that opportunity.Happy Birthday, Tuck, and thanks for the gift of your friendship. 🙂

  4. >Damian, thanks for the kind words. I guess we’ve known each other now for quite some time. In fact, I do remember that Friend’s Night and the wedding. In fact, I remember before we met your dad had said that I should meet you, that you liked movies and would like to talk with me. He knows you rather well, I’d say. Anyway, thanks for stopping by and, of course, for your good friendship as well.

  5. >Andy, it was, as long as yours was low-key hanging out and good times too. My next post on the crosscountry race is about what I did for part of the day.Cool that we have the same b-day. Who’da thunk? Of course I’ve got a few more years on you!

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