>another little video


Several weeks ago I posted about an experience my family had with a video production crew entering our house to shoot part of their video there. Well my wife was in the video, I was taking care of the baby, so I gave my seven year old daughter Lily our family video camera and said “go make a movie.” So Lily started shooting, using up all the rest of our available video tape, and basically enjoying herself. She is now obsessed with making movies.

So… I started going through what she had shot. Needless to say I will work with her on how to shoot for editing, amongst other things. But I still couldn’t help myself and I had to edit her shots together.


Like previous editing attempts on this computer, I’m using the free Windows Movie Maker program, stringing the shots together, and adding music*. I need to get us a better editing program as well as some better audio gear so we can get usable audio. I am also a little surprised at how much the quality of the video degrades during the uploading process, not that I’m starting with much quality in the first place. Maybe my file was too big and Blogger reduced the amount of information in order to take up less space on their servers. Of course, we’re just amateurs.

*With some trepidation I am using a song from the Silversun Pickups. Trepidation not because of content, but because of copyright. I personally don’t have a big issue with grabbing some music from my iTunes collection and using it for a personal family video, but some might.

6 thoughts on “>another little video

  1. >Meg, I had been putting off even looking at the footage because I new it would be a bit crazy. But once I realized what I had it was easy just to put music to it and play with the titles, since there really wasn’t much else I could do. It still took a while, though, to put it together.

  2. >Damian, good the hear from you! I know if you saw Wilder’s wave then you watched the whole thing. Thanks for sitting through it. It was fun, but I really want to make a more planned out and structured video with Lily in the near future – if time allows!

  3. >What a neat memory Lily will have of her first video, edited by her papa. It’s interesting to watch where her activity slowed to highlight points of her interest.I enjoy both your and your wife’s blogs and don’t take time often enough to imbibe them. Keep up the good creating.

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