>just another sunday (not)

>This morning we participated in a video project for a friend’s video production company. The crew came into our house at around 7:30 AM and left at around Noon. The product will be a training video for a marketing company. My wife was the main participant from our end. I watched the baby, and then had a small role. My daughter Lily was in some of it as well and video taped a bunch with our camera. She and I will edit her video in the near future. The crew then went on to a couple of other locations and will be in post-production the rest of the week.

Below are a few stills I took (baby in left hand, camera in right) during the shoot.

Although such activities lend a certain amount of craziness to our lives, it was also fun, a good excuse to clean the house, and a learning experience for all of us – especially for Lily. I also found it interesting to watch the crew do their work since I used to do video/film production years ago. Not much has changed except for some of the technology. I found myself longing to do production once again, particularly directing. Hmmm… now that’s a nice idea.

4 thoughts on “>just another sunday (not)

  1. >Jayson, glad you like to pics. I can get some to you if you want. It was fun to be involved. A good experience for Maricel as well. Fun to see you guys in action too.

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