>le weekend

>I took Friday off of work so that I could focus my time on my thesis. I am under the gun to get it done and I struggle with my super-procrastinator powers. So did I work on my thesis? Of course not.

View from half-way up Mt. Pisgah

Rather, I decided to keep a promise to my wife that I would get the back fence finished. So, on Friday I made the first of several trips to Home Depot for supplies. Then I tore out the old fence, dug post holes, put in new posts (pressure treated), filled the holes with concrete and let them sit over night. Saturday I got up early, met a friend at a local hill (Mt. Pisgah) and climbed to the top and back. Then another trip to Home Depot, and more work on the fence.

I decided that the fence needed something more than a few boards nailed up to block the view and keep us safer. So I extended the fence higher with a labor intensive hand-made lattice screen made of vertical only boards. I also wanted the screen to look and feel separate from the rest of the fence. I guess I wanted something that was a little more “architectural,” maybe my own little corner of Alvar Aalto or Pietro Belluschi. So the lattice work extends below the top of the foundational 6ft fence by about 5 inches, and then to over 2ft above the fence. It also sticks out about an inch from the fence to give it a more three dimensional look. Overall I like the choice I made, but it took much longer to construct than anticipated.

As the sun was setting on Sunday evening I had about a hour of work left and I was exhausted. My feet were killing me from standing for three days in the wrong shoes. I was sun burnt and covered in grime. But just as it was getting almost too dark to continue I finished, cleaned up my mess, downed a beer, and then went to bed.

And that was my weekend, for the most part. At least the fence got completed!

And the dog saw the whole thing.

4 thoughts on “>le weekend

  1. >It looks good indeed. Is it influenced by the house-make-over TV programs? The floating offset, and the spaced lattice is a great sober touch to turn a boring work into an architectural arrangement. Especially for the cast shadow. ;)You can leave the wood naked like that? This texture looks great if you can.Good job.

  2. >harry, great to have you stop by again. glad you like the fence. i am keeping the wood bare. that’s what i did with the front fence and the wood just turns grey. the floating offset portion is fir, the rest is cedar. i am curious as to how they will weather next to each other.

  3. >Timber over here degrades rapidly with rains, we don’t have as much cedar. The grey look is great, especially. The varnish look is too artifical.I liked your post on Jean Prouvé too. 😉

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