>not genius

>I have been making some changes to the layout of PilgrimAkimbo. As you can tell, I’ve changed the colors, header, etc. I’ve also added Google’s AdSense, which allows advertisements on the blog. All of this is an experiment. I don’t know how I feel about ads on my blog, but I’m giving it a try. Apparently if someone merely clicks on an ad it’s good for me ;-), but I’m not entirely sure how it works.

I am generally less than happy with Blogger for its very limited design options. I plan on making a wholesale change to another product in the future. I am looking for suggestions. A lot of people seem to use Typepad, some use WordPress, and some of the French sites use CanalBlog (I don’t see an English option for that one). Please let me know what you’ve tried, and what you like or don’t like about the different blog editors.

In in the near future I plan on adding a booklist that links to Amazon. We’ll see how that goes too. I figure that as long as I keep fiddling with this blog eventually I’ll produce something of genius. Ha!

One thought on “>not genius

  1. >…and I have to say I’m moving away from using “cineboy” as my blogger identity. I feel that it is better to just use my reel name and let cineboy take a lower profile.

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