>through a day slowly

>Today I ran my first 10k road “race.” For me it was not a race, just something to finish without walking. Which I did. The beginning of the race was rather comical for me. I intended to start slow, and I did, but I felt as if everyone was running away from we, which they were. So there were only a small handful of people who finished later than me. At least I accomplished two goals: (1) run the race without resorting to walking at any time, and (2) run the race at a better than 12 min per mile pace. For those of you who are runners you will know that a 12 min pace is very, very slow, but at least I achieved both goals. So I am feeling good about that.

Part of my inspiration for doing this run comes from the book: No Need for Speed: A Beginner’s Guide to the Joy of Running.

Now, this race is called the Scandia Run and it is related to the annual Scandinavian Festival here in Oregon. So I, being part Swedish by ancestry, was glad I was running in a Scandinavian kind-of-thing, and to top it off I decided to watch Through a Glass Darkly (1961), by I. Bergman of course.

Another way I can tie this film to my day, other than the Swedish angle, is that when I was in the middle of the run I found myself crying out to God too.

But for dinner I made Chicken Cacciatore – which is decidedly not Scandinavian.

I got the recipe from a book called The Pleasures of Slow Food: Celebrating Authentic Traditions, Flavors, and Recipes.

3 thoughts on “>through a day slowly

  1. >Like you, I do not “race” in 5Ks. I do run, in the sense that my general speed and motion are different (and faster) than when I walk. But I don’t think “run” is quite the word for it, and I hate the word “jog.”There’s got to be a better word for what we do when we do what other people don’t do when they run (if that’s what they do). I could be down with “ramble.”

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