>i took a fish head out to see a movie

>There was a time when music videos really meant something, when music videos were going to change the world and usher in a bright new world, when MTV was a shining beacon on the great hill of history…

…anyway, here’s the original Fish Head video in its entirety:

3 thoughts on “>i took a fish head out to see a movie

  1. >I know this post ranges somewhat away from a strict and serious film-blog format (like PilgrimAkimbo has been much of that lately!) but I have to say that in the 80s, during my first couple of years in college when I lived at a place with cable TV (for the first time in my life) and stayed up late into the early morning watching MTV (and got myself on academic probation!), I was often inspired to become a filmmaker. And I did make a number of videos. At that time music videos really were something exciting. Yes, they were often low budget, but one could find some truly creative and aesthetically challenging stuff out there. MTV hasn’t been that way for almost 20 years – alas!

  2. >Heh. And it also (ahem) “spawned” the axiom that “roly-poly fishheads are never seen drinking cappucino in Italian restaurants with Oriental women…yeah.”Ah, good times. Good times.

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