the agents of fate

42 images of hands from au hasard Balthazar (1966):

I was so profoundly moved by this film that I didn’t feel I could do any justice with a review. Instead all I could think of was to grab some images and post them above. I found myself over and over being drawn into the narrative through the images of hands. So Bressonian, so fateful.

6 thoughts on “the agents of fate

  1. >What a fascinating photo-essay. I saw this film recently for the first time, as my introduction to Bresson’s work (it screened at Melbourne Cinematheque). Next time I see this film, I think I will see it from a new perspective.

  2. >paul, thanks for your comments. This was my first time seeing it as well. I feel that I need to see it a couple more times before I can really write anything about it. Sometimes just some screen grabs says all one wants to say anyway.

  3. >the art of memory, thanks for your comments too. I’m glad to hear this film is your favorite. I found it to be a complete revelation for me and wondered why I had never seen it before. It reminds me that there’s some truly remarkable films out there that I haven’t seen. I feel that this is a film I will be seeing multiple times.

  4. >Daniel, Thanks for the comments. I find Bresson to be a remarkably visual director. Many of his images could be still photos, but he also uses movement (both within the frame and of the camera) extremely well. But, of course, my observations are really nothing new.

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