>for me, more like ocean’s three


I have been out of pocket this week at my employer’s annual Americas (N. & S.) sales conference, so blogging has had to take a back seat. Even so I do have a couple (or so) of film-related moments.

This year we are where we were last year, at The Venetian, in Las Vegas. The other night a few of us walked down the strip to the The Bellagio for some steak at Prime Steakhouse. I could see the famous fountains outside the window, but did not get outside to see them up close. That’s my first film reference for this post – of course to Ocean’s Eleven. Unfortunately, even though I bought a new phone that has a camera built into it, I forgot to take any pictures of the fountains, hence the web-grab image above. (btw, the rare fillet mingon with a bearnaise sauce was exquisite! Much better even than the excellent steak frites I had the day before at Bouchon – which has become one of my fave eateries.)

Also, Chris Gardner spoke to our sales team (about 2,000+ headcount), which was kinda cool. Just in case you didn’t make the connection, he wrote the book that became the film The Pursuit of Happyness. Now I have to say that his story is remarkable and inspiring, and his message is a good one. But I also have to say that I found him rather full of himself and in need of making sure we knew about his successes (like just how many copies his book sold, etc.). I would rather have had Will Smith as our guest speaker, but I did enjoy Chris Gardner. Again, I forgot to get any pics. Anyway, that’s my other film reference for this post.

Also, we have had the comedian Jake Johannsen as comedy relief during the general sessions at the conference. He is rather funny guy – been on Letterman a few times. And don’t forget, he played a drug dealer in Loaded Weapon 1 (1993). So that’s another lesser movie reference. Again, no pictures. I really haven’t figured out the fact that I’m carrying around a camera with me.

Finally, I have to say that I am not impressed with Las Vegas. This is my second time here and I find the place fake, dirty, and very boring. Maybe it’s a fine setting for a film or a music video. But, then again, probably most people who truly love Vegas would not find watching a film by Angelopoulos or Buñuel to be anything other than boring. I guess there’s something for everyone in this world. I am also surprised by how many young couples with little kids and babies are here, even in smoke filled rooms with their kids. And, just in case you needed to know, I’m a very efficient loser at the slots. Bye now.

One thought on “>for me, more like ocean’s three

  1. >One other thing I brought home with me from Vegas is a bad cold.I guess what one contracts in Vegas doesn’t alsways stay in Vegas. For me it was just a cold.

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