>found object(ive)

>I love images like this one.

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I found this image at the NYPL Digital Library. As far as I can tell, it’s just a snap shot, probably from the 1920’s, of a film crew on the set in the midst of their work. As with all film sets, there are some people working and some people standing around, but everyone wants to be there (I’m projecting my own experience and desires onto the image I admit).

This image had no information attached to it; no film name, no director name, no year, etc. However, it seems to me that the person standing closest to the camera (to us) is the director, and it looks like that person has a monocle. Plus, it’s an Ufa set. Could this be F. Lang? As it turns out, it is Lang, according to this site. But I still don’t know what film they are making. Any ideas?

Anyhow, I have this image set as my computer desktop background for now. Helps to keep me sane.

2 thoughts on “>found object(ive)

  1. >I like this image too but for different reasons. I’m not much of a cinefile…i like movies but I’m more into the rich layers in this black and white, the sepia undertone and the expression on the face of the man smiling at the camera…I wonder about him, what was his job? or maybe he is just along for the experience of it all.

  2. >Although I love it for its cinematic connotations, I am attracted to it for the same reasons you say as well. There is a wonderful quality about it that’s hard to pinpoint exactly; and smultiple layers of meaning.

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