>Movies and Mastication

>I could have titled this Film and Food, but Movies and Mastication just has a certain ring to it.

Okay, so I have this reoccurring tendency to compare watching movies with eating food, and the preparation of a meal with the making of a film. I know the link between the two is technically weak. I know I am not the first person to think of it either. And I also know that in many cases the analogy can offer some interesting insights. A simple example is that one’s taste in both categories can greatly improve with some guidance and education. Another example is that a diet of either only junk food or junk films will lead to a kind of jelly-fied bloating.

Lately, however, I’ve been thinking of the combination of food and film. That is, the selection of particular comestible spreads with particular cinematic fare for an overall enhanced experience. I figure this is a little like choosing an ideal double feature combo. For example, one might say that pizza and film “X” make a great combo (although I am imagining gourmet food as well). Imagine you have invited some friends over to watch one of your all-time favorite films and you also have to provide dinner (or lunch); what would be the film and what would be the meal?

Truth is, I love to cook, and I’ve been thinking for a long time about working on a cookbook. Today I had the idea of writing a cookbook that combined my passion for cooking and my passion for good films into a food/film combination book. And although I know the concept just might work, I am stumped for ideas. Plus, I want to start inviting more friends over for films and food on a more regular basis. So I’m looking for any ideas anyone has. Let me know what you think.

I think it would be appropriate to include a list of drinks as well – good wines, mixed drinks, iced tea, whatever.

Also, has a book like this been done before? I’m curious.

6 thoughts on “>Movies and Mastication

  1. >I cannot tell you, Tuck, how many times I have used your “film-as-food” analogy in conversations about movies. I eventually realized that it applies not only to film but to all art forms. In fact, I eventually adopted a sort of mantra about art: that it is “food for the mind and for the soul.”Anyway, I like your idea of a cinematic cookbook. The only other book I can think of that might’ve beat you to it is the one based on “Dinner-and-a-Movie” on TBS. However, having actually watched the show on occasion, I am almost certain the book is not at all deep or insightful. I’m sure that, like the program, it’s just for fun.

  2. >Andy, I welcome your input. I know you have said you like to cook. I imagine a book with a list of 25, 50, or 100 films and corresponding menue ideas. It could even include several different menue ideas for a given film.

  3. >So you’re thinking of meals designed around films? In that case I submit my absolute favorite:Groundhog Day is best accompanied by homemade macaroni and cheese, pan-fried kale with garlic, and red wine. It’s a comfort overload.Of course, these food choices don’t echo anything in the film itself…

  4. >that sounds very good. Do you have a favorite recipe? Do you suggest baked mac and cheese?also, I would almost like to avoid trying to find some obvious food/film connection – almost to let people figure out the connection by having to try it, and then the connection is more visceral than thematic. One of the reasons is that I don’t want to go about trying to think of every film that has some food in the title, or some featured food item in the story. I just like to take great films and combine them with a great meal (or two, three).

  5. >The Mac & Cheese post.Keep us posted re: the progress of this cookbook! I’ll always be good for feedback on this combination of my two favorite subjects…

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